Ancient Octopus Entertainment


Ancient Octopus Entertainment was founded in 2014 with the goal of producing quality gaming content and peripherals with an emphasis on the tabletop environment. Additionally, our goals have since expanded to encompass community and media curation in order to provide players with a place to keep up with some of the latest news and information on games and products that they’re interested in.

To this extent, we have set our focus primarily on creating for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, developed and distributed by Paizo Publishing, and on reviewing and streaming Guild Wars 2, developed by ArenaNet and distributed by NCSoft.

Consider this website — and all of its associated space — as part of a greater network from which you can jump to various different points on the web. A part of our goal isn’t to replace existing content or to displace existing content creators, but rather to work alongside these individuals, groups, and companies to enhance and provide additional access to the websites, games, and resources that you already love.

Keep an eye on us in the years ahead as we continue to grow and spread our tentacles across the ‘net.

– Ancient Octopus Entertainment