Ancient Octopus Entertainment


Minecraft is a Sandbox-Survival online game originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson as a project. As the game became more successful, he founded the gaming company Mojang. Mojang became the primary developers and publishers of Minecraft until the company was purchased by Microsoft in September of 2014. Microsoft is now the game’s publisher, while Mojang continues to be the primary developer of the game.

AOE hosts a small-scale Minecraft survival server, with limited plans to implement plugin features in the future. At present, users are encouraged to enjoy a cooperative, vanilla, survival experience together.

Future Plans

  • Multiple Worlds: We plan to have three distinct “worlds” available for players to access from a central hub. Players will log in and be able to choose one of three portals to walk into, which is where their game experience will begin. Each portal will transfer to a separate game mode, as noted below.
  • Survival Server: AOE’s survival server will feature all of your favorite/classic vanilla Minecraft expectations, as well as grief protections via land claims. Players will be able to collect resources via an in-game economy and will be required to put deposits down on their claims. When their deposits run out, their claims become public land once again.
  • Skybox Server: A more extreme version of the standard survival world, a skybox server places you on an isolated platform in the sky. With extremely little around you and sparse resources, you must figure out how to grow the platform and survive, else die of hunger.
  • Player-versus-Player Coliseum: This no-holds-barred PvP arena will send players into one of several randomly selected spawn points. Within the arena, they will find weapons and armors to wield against each other, with a scoreboard tracking both all-time kills/deaths, as well as hourly match-up scores.

The server is currently a vanilla survival experience. Stay tuned as we eventually implement our planned environment.